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Try This 20-Minutes High-Intensity Workout If You’re Short On Time

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We know how hard it can be to find time for your workouts. What’s more, finding the motivation and getting yourself to do it can be incredibly difficult. So, why don’t try a routine that is both easy-to-do and at the same time really brief? A routine that you can do any day at any time will help you do exercise more.

Well, here we are going to show you a high-intensity interval training, often called HIIT, a type of workout that is mainly designed to be fast, concise but effective when it comes to burning fat. This routine consists of different exercises like cardio training and different variations of strength workouts. Now, what is this workout all about?


Cardio is an awesome way of increasing your metabolism to make your body work with intensity and burn more fat. For HIIT, it is important to add cardio in at least 50% of the routine, but for this one, we will add only 8 minutes of the 20 minutes workout.

For this, we recommend doing burpees, running, jumping rope and finally, high-knees. Try to do 2 minutes of each exercise for a total of 8 minutes. It is important not to rest throughout the workout, as that’s what the routine consists of, putting your body at an excessive level of tension in little time.

Lower Body Exercises

After doing some cardio, you will have to immediately start with some lower body exercises like squats, lunges, and crunches. Do 2 minutes of each exercise without stopping; this lower-body-exercise routine helps your body increase the tension and burn much more fat.

Push-ups and Pull-ups

To finish, you need to do six more minutes of pushups and pull ups. After completing cardio and lower body exercises, you will rest for 1 minute and start doing push-ups right away. You will do one set of 15 pushups and then switch to pull ups immediately to do 5 to 10 pull ups accordingly. Then, repeat 15 push-ups again and the pull-ups.

This part of the routine is the easiest, but eventually, can be the hardest. However, this part brings the best benefits, as doing push-ups you will be working out your chest, triceps, and shoulders, while doing pull-ups will help you do shoulders, back and a little to your biceps as well.

As you see this high-intensity interval workout is enjoyable for anyone, who wants to burn fat and at the same time maintain his body at an optimum state with just investing 20 minutes of the day. So, what are you waiting for? The only thing that’s missing is your action!

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