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8 Most Effective Fat-Burning Exercises

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Certain exercises are not like others when it comes to effectiveness and benefits. These exercises, when correctly performed, can bring a boost to burning fat, as they use a type of explosive intensity that demands us to invest more of our energy and increase our metabolism. This way, you can melt your fat and make your muscles get bigger.

These are the exercises we are talking about:


This exercise is great for your whole body. However, as it focuses on your legs and thighs, you will have to make your body work more intensely. The best of this exercise is that it is simple to do.

Look for a barbell at an average weight, put the barbell on the floor, stand in front of it and to grab it, you will slowly flex your hip until your torso is parallel to the floor with your hips turned backward slightly.

Then, grab the barbell and pull it backward by straightening your torso until your back is slightly bent backward. Your arms need to be straightened without bending.

You will stay in this position for 2 seconds and flex your leg and back muscles as much as you can. Then go back to starting position by pushing your hips backward slightly and your torso towards the floor.

You need to repeat for a least 15 reps. We recommend doing at least 4 sets.

Bench Press

As one of the favorite men exercises, the bench press is a testosterone booster that uses the best part of your chest, arms and even shoulders to push a barbell up by burning calories and increasing your overall upper body strength. Simply, a very efficient and easy-to-do exercise for an upper-body workout:

Lie on a bench with a barbell holder. Make sure your back is straightened, and your legs are not too opened or too close to your feet on the floor.

Now, you will grab the barbell with a medium grip, making sure your arms are shoulder-width apart from each other or slightly more.

Now, while grabbing, you will push the barbell up a little until it is apart from the barbell holder and you need to maintain it in the air. Make sure your arms are totally straightened.

At this position, bend your elbows until the barbell goes down and touches your chest, and then push up again until your arms are totally straightened. Repeat.

As you see, the exercise is easy, but you need to make sure that the weight you use fits with your strength and capabilities. Don’t add too much or you could cause an accident. We recommend doing at least 4 sets of 15 reps with little weight or 8 reps with heavy weight.


Lunges are one of the best fat-burning exercises you can do. This exercise is not only sufficient to build up glutes, quads, and thighs, but it also involves almost your whole body.

Grab two dumbbells and put them at your sides or grab a barbell and put it in your upper back. Make sure the weight is high but comfortable enough to help you go down and up again with no problems.

To do it, you will need to stand in a position where you have at least 10 feet of free space in front of you. Then, you will put one of your feet in front of you, a big step forward and bend your knee until your lower legs are vertical in a 90-degree position.

Make sure your body goes forward but pushing your hips a little backward. Make sure your legs and abs are tight.

Then, change the leg and make a step forward doing the same movement. The leg that is left behind should be straightened, and your knee should touch the floor gently.

Go forward for 10 feet at least and then go back.
This exercise can be done with time. We recommend doing 20 minutes of this exercise for better results. And remember, the more weight you use, the more work you will have to push yourself!

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Bent Over Rows

This exercise is also pretty simple to do. It will help you train your back and burn much more calories than usual. However, what makes this exercise effective for burning fat is the movement:

Grab a dumbbell in one of your hands. Then, while standing, bend your torso forward until it is parallel to the floor and your legs slightly bent.

At this position, you need to straighten the arm with the dumbbell all the way down and then pull it back towards until your elbow is behind you and the dumbbell is at chest level.

Then go back down again and repeat. Remember to tighten your back and maintain your torso parallel to the floor.

This exercise can be done for 20 reps with medium weight or 12 with heavy weight. We recommend doing at least 4 sets.


If there’s a really efficient and beneficial exercise for your whole body, it has to be squats. Seriously, by doing this exercise, you are immediately working out almost your entire body, from your legs to your abs and even part of your back if you add enough weight. This exercise is excellent:

You can do it with weight or without weight, but we recommend doing it with a barbell behind your head.

Stand normally, with your both feet at shoulder-width from each other and then slowly bend your knees.

Go down as far as you can and then go up slowly. Make sure you tighten up your legs.

You can repeat this exercise for 15 reps in 4 sets.


We all know what crunches are, but do we know how effective they are for our fat-burning routines? Well, they are actually one of the best exercises that focuses on our abdominal area. To do it, you need to:

Lie on the floor with your knees bent a little and your back straightened on the floor.

Make sure your feet are attached to a sturdy position so that you won’t lose balance. Put your hands behind your ears.

Then, slowly pull your torso up without moving your legs. Make sure you tighten up your abs and bend your back a little while going up.

Now you go back to lie down on the floor again but only touching it slightly and go back up again. When you go back down, make sure you do it slowly.

This exercise can be done for 4 sets of 20-50 reps each. Make sure you make your abs hurt when you do it.


This exercise involves your whole body, and it is one of the most used when it comes to burning calories. You will be working out your legs, abs, arms, and part of your back. To do it, you will have to:

Stand with your feet at shoulder-width apart from each other. Now do the same movement as if you were doing a squat until your butt almost reaches the floor.

At this position, briefly kick your legs backward and put yourself in a lying position with both your hands supporting your weight.

Then you move your legs up towards your belly and stand up fast. This exercise should be done as quickly as possible.

We recommend doing it for 1 minute straight and 2 if you can. The effects will be incredible.

Push Ups

The beautiful thing about pushups is that you don’t need any equipment or any weight to perform it, as doing it with your body weight is more than enough to get great results:

Lie down on the floor with both hands at a shoulder-width position from each other.

Make sure your body is straightened, and your hip slightly bent backward.

At this position, push yourself up until your arms are straightened. Do it slowly and come back down again slowly.

This exercise needs your arms to be tightened up and your chest as well.

You can do 15 repetitions of this exercise for 4 sets. If you want even better results, add some weight on your back.

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