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A Guide On How To Choose The Best Power Tower

Kim Wilson 0

A lot of people want to be able to workout at home. Whether to save the money it costs to have a gym membership, or for lack of time, home workouts are becoming more and more popular. A power tower is a fitness product that offers a way to train your upper body at home, all in one machine.

A Power Tower (and there are several brands of these towers) allows you to do the following strength exercises:

  • Pull-ups (and chin-ups) – Often, you can do a number of pull up variations with different grips and styles.
  • Triceps dips – To work on your triceps and shoulders.
  • Vertical knee raises – A powerful abdominal exercise that can help you quickly strengthen your abs.
  • Push-ups – Using elevated push-up handles, you can do deep push-ups to tone and strengthen your pectoral muscles.

As you can see, the Power Tower allows you to work multiple muscle groups in one machine. All of the exercises use your body’s weight as resistance. There are no extra parts besides the tower itself. Everything is done with just one product.

Power Towers come in a variety of designs. You need to consider the following things:

Durability and weight limit – This tower will need to carry your weight and remain stable. You don’t want it to break or for you to fall down from it.

Make sure you have enough space in your home for the tower you plan to buy. You need to be able to access each workout station, so space around the tower is also a must. One space-efficient model is the Bodyvision PT600 tower. It is also an affordable model.

Price – Towers of different brands come in a variety of prices. Normally, a power tower costs anywhere from $100 – $150. You can find some good deals online.

If you have space and you want to workout at home, this can be a good purchase to make. You should also check out the best Power Towers and use workout gloves to enjoy a more effective workout, especially when doing pull-ups. In addition, you can’t train your lower body with a tower so you will need to do leg exercises at home by yourself. Fortunately, this is easy to do. Squats, lunges, hip thrusts, calf raises, and so on, are great bodyweight exercises to help you tone and strengthen your lower body. With these exercises, you can train your entire body at home easily.

The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower has some key features which make it an excellent option for you to use:

1. The pull-up bar is actually a complete bar and not two handles on either side of the tower, as other models offer. The full bar allows people of different size to do pull-ups and you can choose to have a wide or close grip. This allows you to do more variations of the pull-up and to train your body more efficiently.

2. The pull-up bar, vertical knee raise station, dip handles, and push up handles are all situated on the same side of the tower. This means that you only need to have access to one side of the tower, a fact that can save you a lot of room around the house. Other towers often require you to leave room on both sides of the machine, a big waste of space. However, you do need to have space for this tower as it cannot be folded and stored away when not in use.

The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower has excellent reviews and testimonials for the most part. It does require you to assemble it yourself, but you shouldn’t have much trouble with it. Once it is standing, this tower does provide an excellent way for you to work your body at home. This is a product that’s worth considering for anyone looking for a better home workout experience.

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